Friday, April 23, 2010


I wanted everyone to know that things are looking up for Mackynlee. She has increased her intake drastically over the past two days. Yesterday she exceeded the amount that the doctors have set for her minimum. She has gained back some of the weight that she had lost. Keep sending up prayers that we will not have to divert back to the feeding tube.

Mark and I are getting a night away tonight. It is the first time he and I have been alone overnight(with the exception of when Mackynlee was in the CICU and we were at the PRHM, I don't count those nights), since March '08. Thanks sooooooo much Meemaw(Ms. Sharon Porter) for camping out with the three musketeers while we are away. You are the best!! I would be in a mental institution without you. That is not a joke either.

I wanted to share the lyrics of this Christian song titled: God Will See You Through

Since I saw you last I've had some ups, some downs, some hurts, some pain- I won't lie, I needed God to come revive my soul again- But it never got so bad that I gave in- in my weakest hour the Lord- He stepped right in-
So my testimony is God will see you through
So my testimony is God will see you through

It's not easy when you try each day to smile and hide your pain
and the devil does his best to magnify your every fear, then you try your best to stand but still you fall, but I thank God that grace and mercy heard my call-
So my testimony is God will see you through
So my testimony is God will see you through

Don't stop prayin' - you can make it - don't stop believin' -
you will receive it

I've been through the fire- I've been through the flood- but He promised never to leave me- oh never alone
So my testimony is God will see you through
So my testimony is God will see you through

He'll see you through
He'll see you through

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We are still around, just cannot seem to find the time to post lately. The last week has been pretty difficult. Mackynlee has lost a pound. We may be facing the "feeding tube" again. I cannot express to you what the thought of that does to me. She has also had some major throwing up issues. The weight loss was before the throwing up set in. We are not certain if she had a virus or what was going on. Thank God she has finally able to take her pediasure again and is keeping it down. We will know more about the feeding tube by her weight at the beginning of next week. I know God does not put any more on you than you can handle, but lately I am so not sure how much more I can handle. If we have to do the feeding tube again, I will need more prayer than ever before.

Life is challenging. Life with a sick child is overwhelmingly challenging at times. (Not even sure overwhelmingly is a word.) It is always "what if this?" "what if that?" "should I go home from work?" "should we wait it out?" "should we call the doctor?" "should we make that dreaded 2 hour drive to Jackson?" etc?????????

Say some prayers for our Olivia Torian. She is having a feeding tube put in surgically next month. Tara: Take notes, we may be right there behind yall.